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iForgeAhead: Status Updates

26-Feb-2022 5:20am EST

iForgeAhead Status: ONLINE following Planned Maintenance

iForgeAhead Status: the system is now running and available as usual, now that the maintenance has been completed.

If you are still seeing a message that iForgeAhead is unavailable, please try refreshing the page, or closing the browser and re-opening it.

Thanks for your patience!

26-Feb-2022 4:00am EST

iForgeAhead Status: OFFLINE due to Planned Maintenance

Please see the entry below for more information about this maintenance upgrade.

We will post an update here once the maintenance is complete. 


11:00PM EST


A message like this has been sent by email to all iForgeAhead account holders, and has been posted on our Facebook page, to notify everyone of our planned downtime for important upgrades:


ALERT: Planned Downtime on Saturday, Feb 26, 2022

Please be advised that iForgeAhead software will be unavailable this Saturday, February 26, beginning at 4:00am Eastern Standard Time.

The outage is expected to last less than one hour.

To easily see what time that is in your location, please click

The purpose of this maintenance is to move iForgeAhead to a larger server with significant upgrades to the infrastructure that supports the software. This will enhance the security and stability of iForgeAhead.

Once the maintenance is complete, we will post an update here and on our Facebook page.

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