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iForgeAhead: Status Updates


8:00PM EST

iForgeAhead Status: ONLINE!

An email has just been sent to all active users, with the following information:

iForgeAhead ALERT: Please Read Completely

This email is to inform you that iForgeAhead is now available!

PLEASE READ this message entirely to know what to expect.

There are a few things that aren't working properly yet. We wanted you to have access to the system as soon as possible while we continue to work on the following issues:

  • There are some problems with the Internet Explorer browser. Please use Chrome if you encounter issues in IE or another browser.

  • The reports (including invoices) are not previewing properly. We are working on this issue first and hope to have it resolved by tomorrow.

  • The site may perform more slowly than usual for the first hour or so, but should improve naturally through additional use.

If you encounter issues other than those listed, please report them to or reply to this email.

As explained in a recent update on iFA Site Status, we were able to recover the database backup through December 3. I understand and deeply regret the difficult situation this causes, but records entered after Dec 3 will have to be re-entered.

I'm aware that many of you have wondered why we haven't sent emails to all users throughout this outage. It is because we use the iForgeAhead program to do that; while the site was down we did not have the ability communicate with you like this.

We are continuing to work as quickly as possible on the issues above, as well as any others you bring to our attention.


3:15PM EST

Still testing, and working to get all the moving pieces working together in the new server's environment. It's always hard to estimate how long something like this will take, but hoping for less than another 2 hours. We are working as quickly as possible while trying to make sure everything is functioning correctly.


12:05PM EST

The new server has been created, and the database backup from December 4 has been successfully restored. This backup was created at approximately 4:15AM EST on Dec 4, so it contains all records entered through Dec 3, as well as those entered in the first few hours of Dec 4. Unfortunately, records entered after that time could not be recovered.

We are currently restoring all program and support files, and will then be testing the system. Barring any unforeseen complications, we hope to have the site operational within 3 hours. An update will be posted if it will take longer, and of course we will update you when the site is available.


4:15PM EST

In the eight years since the launch of iForgeAhead, we have not experienced an unplanned disruption of service, until this week. Early on December 10, the site went down due to an extremely aggressive virus that attacked the server and was able to breach the firewall and security elements. This virus destroyed files on the server so that they cannot be used.

During this time, I have been working with our team at the company which hosts our server and manages our security processes in order to restore the site. By methodically restoring backups going back to Dec 4, we have learned that the virus was in place at that time and has also made those files unusable.

We have daily database backups going back over many months, so they are continuing to test until they find the first clean database. We anticipate that the site will be up in a few days, but regretfully it will be missing some recent data, hopefully less than the last two weeks. I deeply apologize for the impact this will have on your businesses.

After working to restore the site, we will be thoroughly investigating how this occurred and will be posting our new security procedures for your review. At a minimum, these will include the ability for you to download all of your records at any time, as well as retaining a cyber security team to regularly audit the site.

As soon as more information is available, I will post it on this page. While I won't be able to reply to phone calls or Facebook messages for a few days, I am committed to personally answering all emails sent to info@iforgeahead within 24 hours.

Julie Schwalm

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