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For the business side of hoofcare.


Easily track details such as email addresses, multiple phone numbers and  driving directions for owners, stables, vets, suppliers and more.

Unlimited notes and pictures for each horse allow thorough documentation over time. HoofTrak captures history of hoof specs. Each horse's Due Date is auto-updated, making it easy to quickly check which horses are due in any timeframe.


Much more than an electronic appointment book, the schedule includes additional information such as what you did to the horse last time and whether the owner owes you money. Easily create recurring appointments and drag-and-drop to move appointments. 

The Appointment Reminder System automatically sends reminders to your clients to minimize wasted trips.


Quickly create invoices and receipts with a few clicks, then print or email it to your client. Standard prices can be adjusted when creating an invoice. Custom Sales Tax feature allows for different tax rates for different customers.


Simple capture of business expenses and mileage throughout the year make tax preparation a breeze, and help you analyze your business at any time.


The Horses Due List allows you to quickly see who needs to be scheduled and when. The Aging Report shows who owes you money and how long they have owed it. Multiple Business Reports help you analyze your income, expenses, and prepare for tax time. Many others such as Detailed Horse Report are also available. All reports can be printed, sent by email or saved as PDF files.


Join Hoofcare professionals around the world who have discovered how iForgeAhead:
  • Saves Time

  • Increases Income

  • Projects a Professional Image

  • Keeps Detailed Records Organized

  • Makes Tax Preparation Easy


Use on Any Device

iForgeAhead can be used on multiple devices: seamlessly switch from your PC to your phone, or your tablet, or a friend's Mac.

Screens will auto-adjust based on the device you are using; so when using on a phone the screens are simplified and optimized for the smaller display area.

Video Tutorials

An extensive library of brief videos demonstrate how to use each aspect of iForgeAhead. Need to know how to email an invoice, or how to set up automatic appointment reminders? There's a video that shows you exactly how to do it.

Automatic Backups

Your records are protected by a secure system that automatically creates a full backup every 24 hours.

Multiple Users


You can add up to two additional users to your account, and changes by any user are immediately visible to all other users. 

You can also customize the permissions for each user to restrict access to some parts of the program.

Looking for Forge Ahead?  

Info on our original program can be found here

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